Clarissa Fairchild

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 Name: Clarissa Fairchild/ Morgenstern

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Nephilim

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Height: Just over 5 feet.

Who is Clary, you might ask? Clary is the protaganist in this story, "The City of Bones," written by the lovely author, Cassandra Clare. Clary was born to Jocelyn Fray and Valentine Morgenstern, both Shadowhunters. Before the night her mother gets kidnapped by a demon, Clary had no knowledge that the Shadowhunter world even existed. This is because every two years, her mother would take her to see a warlock, named Magnus Bane. He would erase her memory of the things she saw related to the other world, like faeries and other creatures.

She grew up living in Brooklyn with her mother and their friend, Luke, acting as her 'father'. Her only real friend was Simon Lewis.

When Jocelyn was pregnant with Clary, Valentine was un-aware. Valentine fed Jocelyn angel blood, which in turn affect Clary. She is now able to create runes, something no one is able to do.  

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